Friday, January 23, 2015

Cozy Corners (Centers) Part 3 - The Donald Puppet Theatre

So today I want to tell you about one of our special Cozy Corners.  We had several puppets and just had them on a puppet stand and the kids LOVE them.  Well a dad overheard my Principal say she wished we had a Puppet Theatre.  Little did we know this would turn into the best gift ever.  The dad came in and asked where we wanted it and we showed him and he measured the space.  He did want it to be able to pushed out of the way if we needed that.  Fast forward a month he comes back and says it may not fit where we wanted it.  That's ok we said.  Well the big day came and Oh My Gosh we had no idea what we were getting.

How AMAZING is this

Each side has story settings.

They knew my Principals favorite is Alice in Wonderland and mine is Harry Potter so they are both included.

These side windows are bulletin boards that can be taken out for puppets.

The box on the front as added for more storage and to stabilize the theatre.

We have more puppets than the stand holds so it is perfect.

Red Velvet curtains are being made now for all three windows and for the bottom of the sides to hide your feet.

Inside the theatre the kids see this quote - just amazing!

They made 6 backdrops and three can hang at one time.  

It's splendid!

We were blown away and may have even cried!!

So how jealous are you now?  It is on wheels and can be moved but we love it right where it is.  The kids have decided they like to use the side windows to advertise their show and make "movie posters" that include the cast.  It is a huge hit and we started to have to draw names to see who goes each time.
We can't thank the Simpson family enough for this generous gift to Donald Elementary.

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