Friday, November 6, 2015

October is the BEST

This time of the year is just my favorite at school.  I'm fortunate enough to have a Principal who allows the kids to do fun things and express their creative side.  I came to Donald 3 years ago and started the Storybook Pumpkin Patch.  Since then it has really grown.  This year we had the most storybook pumpkins ever.  I'm a real stickler when I tell them it has to be a storybook character and not a movie character and they must include the book.  Of course I'm willing to let them use a library book as well.  It is just so fun to see the ideas they come up with, with some help from mom and dad I'm sure.  I even had many kids use plastic pumpkins so we could keep them all year.

To go along with our Storybook theme each grade level had a different requirement for reading for the month of October.  Some required a certain number of books to be read and some required a certain number of minutes, but either way kids were reading up a storm.  On Friday October 30th we had Storybook Dress up day.  What a GREAT way to have a fun dress up day at school.  Many of the students switched classes and read to younger grades and many books and stories were shared.  Don't worry the teachers got into it as much as the kids did.  Can you guess who some of these characters are?

Don't worry we have some exciting things happening in November too.  Lets just start by saying our kids love to learn how to set the table and this Tom Turkey is already the center piece.

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