Friday, October 28, 2016

Story Book Pumpkins

This is one of my favorite things to do every year.  It has gotten bigger and bigger every year, which makes me so happy.  This year we had more than 115 pumpkins and 10 teacher pumpkins.  The students and families were allowed to vote for their favorite teacher pumpkin.  I'll post the winner of that next week.  I surprised the kids and if they did a pumpkin they got a coupon for 20 minutes of free Library Center/Cozy Corner time.   I couldn't just pick a few to show in the blog so here they are all.

We also incorporate Red Ribbon week and Halloween with the pumpkins.  The last day of Red Ribbon week is "We have too much Character to do Drugs!"  The students can dress as a Story Book Character.  They must get the costume approved by their teacher and they give a little oral report in their classes that day about their character.  Many students did their pumpkin and their costume to match.

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