Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the Library!!!

We are so excited for the 2014-2015 school year.

I hope everybody had a GREAT summer, I know that we did.  Mrs. Zuch and her husband went to New Zealand and spent lots of time relaxing.  Mrs. Zuch also made a point to go into every library she could find.  She found that libraries in New Zealand are just as welcoming and warm as those in the United States. One of the libraries had a working puzzle station.  It was good to see people enjoying themselves!  Another library still used the old fashion date stamp check out system.  The books didn't even have a bar code on them.

Mrs. Zuch hiking in New Zealand

I went on a cruise to celebrate my son's high school graduation.  We went to the Bahamas and saw some of the most beautiful water I have ever seen.  We did a ton of swimming and snorkeling.  The fish were beautiful and the sand felt different than anything other sand I had ever felt.   We also went to Universal Studios in Orlando.  I had the best time because we got to go into the new Harry Potter world before it opened to the public.  It was so great because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I'm pretty sure I was more excited than most people there.  I even rode every single roller coaster with my son.

Me and my Niece Anan on Hagrid's Motorcycle

Walking into Diagon Alley

My son Ross and I in front of Hogwarts

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