Friday, October 24, 2014

Alan November

So I don't like to toot my own horn or say "Hey Hey look at me, look what I'm doing."
I also worry........
-Are the kids learning
-Am I doing enough
-Do the teachers think  the kids are just playing
-Do people think I'm just a babysitter for 50 minutes
-I saw another librarian doing that, I'm not doing that

The list can go on and on.  I was comfortable with the job I was doing when I was at the same school for 15 years and I knew the teachers respected and appreciated me.  Then I made the move to another school and had to start all over.  It was scary and it was a bad time for me in my personal life.  My father's health went down and I spent a lot of time in Mississippi taking care of him and then had to move him to an Assisted living place here.  So to say the least I don't think I was at the top of my game my first year at my new school.  I turned the library program upside down and things seemed to be going well.  The kids liked me, they liked coming to the library so I guess things are ok.

Fast Forward to October 2014 and Alan November came to our district to do some presentation for parents.  Parent U was a big hit and we heard lots of positive things.  He had 2 hours before his presentation and he chose to come to Donald.  Wow what a big deal.  As soon as he got in the building you see the library.  Well it just happened to be the start of our Story book Pumpkins on Parade.  That got his attention right away and he got out his phone and started taking pictures.  Before you know it he is in the library talking to me, taking pictures, and talking to the kids.  Now you would think he would be impressed with the fact that we were talking about Digital Citizenship and maybe he was but he was more impressed with the library, all the stuff we have, the creative play the kids can do and the fact that they were so engaged.

On top of that one of our Associate Superintendent was with Mr. November that day.  After stopping in the library with him she got so involved with what was going on in the library that she didn't even go visit any of the classrooms, she stayed with us.  She then told me that our library might be her new happy place and how impressed with what we were doing, how the library looked, and our Cozy Corners.  

After this day I felt very proud of what I have created at Donald, so for this month I'm not second guessing everything I am doing.  I'm still not going to toot my horn but I'm going to take the compliments and be proud of myself!!

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